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Physical copy of our 17 track debut album with the current line up! We kick down doors. (released 02/27/2011)

1. Introduction
2. Terra
3. -72 Hours-
4. The Legend of Zelda
5. Gerudo Valley (feat. Sir Dr. Robert Bakker of The Protomen)
6. Unavenged (feat. Jonathan Frank of Johnny on the Spot)
7. Восхитительный эгоист (Vos heeteEtel'nee egoIst)
8. Vampire Killer
9. Big Blue
10. Ahead on our Way
11. Sonic Suite (feat. Juja & Auriplane)
12. Boletarian Syndrome (feat. Elaine Li of Select Start)
13. Clash at the Big Bridge
14. Still More Fighting
15. Millennial Faire
16. Mother's Brain
17. Miss You

Available in digital only format on Bandcamp!